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Spotters’ Guide for Wild Butterflies of the Wye Gorge

Lindsay Heyes from the Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo has researched the history of entomology in the countryside nearby to bring you this list of butterflies that you can spot in the Upper Wye Gorge at this time of year.

Flying in May in the Wye Valley

Identification cards and books are on sale at the Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo, or you can download information from Butterfly Conservation.

Early in the month:

Later this month they are joined by:

Detailed information about specific Nature Reserves and conservation in the Wye Valley is available from the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Herefordshire Nature Trust and The Woodland Trust. For a flavour of what it’s like in the countryside from the comfort of your armchair read Lindsay’s Nature Notes, and to find out how we are celebrating the history of entomology in the Upper Wye Gorge check out our Farn Festival.

Research: Lindsay Heyes

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